The use of chemical weapons in Syria must be verified and proven, beyond a doubt, before deadly force is used against government forces.  We need to learn from our experience during the George Bush administration, when the United States went into Iraq over the “belief” they had weapons of mass destruction.  President Obama and United Nations must verify before any action is taken.

The United States, France and Arab League are talking the lead in denouncing the potential use of chemical weapons on civilians.  I am glad to see that it isn’t just the US and that other nations and organizations are being vocal on what is going on.  While this ‘civil war’ has been going on for months, it wasn’t until recently that high level attention has been redirected to the situation.

I find it interesting that it is all coming to a head only after a short time that Angelina Jolie visited a refugee camp and publicly came out with a statement that something needed to be done to end the suffering.  It shouldn’t take a celebrity to call attention to a major world problem before something is done.  It shouldn’t take the use of chemical weapons before something is done.

I hope that chemical weapons were not use in Syria, but if they were the world needs to step in and force a change in the leadership of that country.  No one should be allowed to stay in power who may have committed mass murder of innocent, helpless people.  The world must not look the other way and allow this to continue.


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