RNC to Punish CNN and NBC

I just read that the RNC is going to “punish” NBC and CNN by not allowing them to broadcast the primary election Republican Party debates.  As a long time Republican, I think this is totally absurd.  While I understand the Republicans don’t like the fact that Hilary Clinton is being given an “unfair” advantage in the Presidential race, I believe there is a difference between news and entertainment.   I believe the American voter understands that.

I am concerned about where this takes us in the extreme.  So what if the White House decided to not do anymore interviews with Fox News and tells everyone in the administration to never talk to any conservative news organization or reporter.  Does that do the American people any good or does it hurt more.

What if the DNC told all the networks that if they do any positive stories on any potential Republican candidates, they were going to ban them from covering the Senate, the White House and any “political event’.  And further that if they do any nice human interest stories on any Republicans they are on the outs for all future DNC conventions.

I do believe that there are biases in the media, I think the better approach is to give people a choice.  The RNC should work with the other networks to have counter programming on the leading Republican candidates.  The RNC should work on promoting itself and its candidates rather than trying to pull down the networks.

The reality is Hillary Clinton is a pretty remarkable woman.  I may not like her politics, leadership or the way she conducts herself, she has had a remarkable career and life.  She will go down in history as a woman who broke through barriers and made an impact on the United States and world.  Many young girls and woman look up to her.

The Republican National Committee needs to reverse itself and go on the offensive to promote its ideas and values.  It needs to stand behind its candidates and push them forward, rather than believe holding Hillary Clinton back is a worthwhile strategy.



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