Politics of Dependency and Addiction

Cory Monteith and Lisa Robin Kelly died of drug overdoses.  The Michael Jackson wrongful death case is in full swing.  Anthony Wiener is running for Mayor of New York and has continued to be plagued with the need to “sext” with pretty young women.  Lindsey Lohan exited rehab.  Jesse Jackson, Jr. was sentenced to prison for ‘stealing’ funds from his campaign

As a society we idolize the rich, young, beautiful, powerful and well-connected.  They are given chance after chance to redeem themselves, to be forgiven.  While at the same time giving the impression to the young that they too can make mistakes and be forgiven.  But that is not the case.  They will spend time in jail, they will be held accountable, they won’t be given chance after chance to fix their issues.

We need equal justice under law…. as it says over the entrance to the Supreme Court.  It is the only way our children will see these celebrities and politicians should not be looked up to and emulated.   We need to fix our legal system, we need to fix our political system and most of all we need to stop idolizing actors and musicians.


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