Pace of Technology Change

It is really amazing the fast pace of technology change, especially in the area of wireless communications and interactions.  I started my business career working for a company called PrimeCo Personal Communications, which eventually became a part of Verizon.  At that time, texting was new and was called “SMS” or short messaging service.  Coverage was spotty, service was expensive and you used your wireless device primarily for ‘talking’ (and you had very short conversations due to the expense).

There were limited choices on phones, Nokia and Motorola were the top brands and if you changed phone companies, you lost your number.  You only accessed your email from a computer, either from home or work and a majority of people still had a home phone.

You actually talked to people when you were out in public, rather than text someone, read the internet or send an email.  You worked when you were at work… you didn’t answer your emails at all hours of the night and day from your phone.  If you needed directions for a cross county trip you contacted triple A for a “trip-tic”,  you had to balance your checkbook, rather than your bank sending you a text for every transaction on your account, along with your balance.  There are thousands of examples of how “Apps” or programs that run on our phones have changed the way we live and work, communicate and conduct business.

Earlier today, Samsung announced the availability of a “watch” that communicates with your phone.  You can take pictures, videos, see who is calling, send text, use your ‘apps’ and so much more.  The watch also looks great and tells you the time!  Apple, Microsoft, Google, Sony, Pebble and others are either close or ready to launch watches of their own.  I am fairly confident that this is just the beginning of ‘wearable’ technology, especially when you consider that Google is testing glasses that are connected to the internet.

In a few years, it will be interesting to look back to today and see where we are as a society and with wireless technology.  And of course some of us will be able to look even further back to the day we used pay phones, when you heard people say “its long distance” and people answered your phone and took messages on paper.  We have come a long way….


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