Cost of Health Care

The implementation of ObamaCare is heating up.  Companies are being faced with either paying a heavy fine or providing health care for all their employees.  Some are even evaluating whether they should stay in business or change their business all together to avoid the additional burden.

While I am generally pro-business, anti-regulation and don’t support the idea that one solution is the only way to go.  I do believe something needs to be done with all forms of health care; eye glass, hearing aids, dental work, weight loss, preventative care and etc.

Two weeks ago I went to the dentist and had to get a cavity filled, the first in over 20 years, and if cost me over $400.  How does someone making minimum wage afford that and still pay for gas, rent and food.  The dentist had me come back today for a surface cleaning, that cost me another $126.  That is over $500 for routine dental work.

I do hope that with all the debate going on regarding health care that something is done, that we don’t put off dealing with the problem, like we have done with the Federal budget, debt ceiling and deficit.  We need to bring down the cost.  We need to provide affordable solutions to everyone.  I don’t believe ObamaCare is the solution, but I do hope something is done to address the issue of health care costs.


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