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Beau Biden and ObamaCare

This past week, Vice President Joe Biden spent several days with his son in Houston at one of the best cancer treatment hospitals in the world.  He was there with his son who recently experienced some medical issues.  After seeing his own doctors, they decided to seek out the best care possible at the Houston facility.

Several years ago Beau Biden had a minor stroke and they clearly were all concerned about his health.  Beau Biden is a public official himself, serving as Attorney General of the State of Delaware.  I can understand and respect the fact that they wanted the best possible care.  Years ago, Vice President Biden lost his first wife and a daughter.  Beau Biden is a husband and father of two.

As Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden has unlimited access to financial resources and medical professionals.  Doctors around the world would be waiting in line for the opportunity to treat the Vice President’s son.  Treating Beau Biden would bring positive press and prestige.

The Vice President and his son have every right to use every means possible to obtain the best possible care to treat his condition.  They have every right to travel across the United States to visit the best hospital and be seen by the best medical professionals.  They have every right to chose what care they are getting.  Every American should have that same right.

Under ObamaCare, many Americas will be giving up some of that same choice the Vice President and his son have.  They will be forced to pay for a health care plan that limits their choice or they will be forced to pay a tax to the Government for not having a required health care plan.  ObamaCare is forcing employers to provide health care to its employees or face penalties.  Businesses and workers should have a choice.  If workers, want their employer to provide health care, they can get a job that provides it.  If a employer wants to provide health care for its employees they should have the choice to decide how to do that.

One of the founding principals of the United States is choice and personal freedom.  ObamaCare takes away some of these choices.  I know the Vice President and his son are happy they had the choice to get the best possible treatment without restriction.  It was a choice in their total control.  All Americans should have the same choice to get the medical care they desire.

Cost of Health Care

The implementation of ObamaCare is heating up.  Companies are being faced with either paying a heavy fine or providing health care for all their employees.  Some are even evaluating whether they should stay in business or change their business all together to avoid the additional burden.

While I am generally pro-business, anti-regulation and don’t support the idea that one solution is the only way to go.  I do believe something needs to be done with all forms of health care; eye glass, hearing aids, dental work, weight loss, preventative care and etc.

Two weeks ago I went to the dentist and had to get a cavity filled, the first in over 20 years, and if cost me over $400.  How does someone making minimum wage afford that and still pay for gas, rent and food.  The dentist had me come back today for a surface cleaning, that cost me another $126.  That is over $500 for routine dental work.

I do hope that with all the debate going on regarding health care that something is done, that we don’t put off dealing with the problem, like we have done with the Federal budget, debt ceiling and deficit.  We need to bring down the cost.  We need to provide affordable solutions to everyone.  I don’t believe ObamaCare is the solution, but I do hope something is done to address the issue of health care costs.